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Please use the guidelines in the right column to help you complete the weather submission form.

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How To Report Power Outages

Progress Energy 1-800-419-6356

Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative 1-877-632-5688

Piedmont Electric 1-800-449-2667

Duke Energy 1-800-769-3766

How to add weather closings

Guide to completing this form:

  1. Event Title - enter business or organization name and "closed," "delayed" or "closing early".
    For example: ABC Business closing early
  2. Description - enter any relevant information
    For example: ABC Business will be "closed all day," "delayed opening until 10am" or "closing early at 2pm."
  3. Calendar - select Weather Closings
  4. Category - select Weather Closings
  5. Start Time -
    1. for early closings, enter the time you will close and select "No end date"
      For example: 2pm if closing early at 2pm.
    2. for all day closings, enter the time you would normally open and select "All Day"
      For example: 8am if you normally open at that time.
    3. for delayed openings, enter the time you will open and select "No end date"
      For example: 10am if you usually open at an earlier time but will be opening at 10 due to weather.
    4. for rescheduled events, enter the date and time that it was originally scheduled to occur on and select "No end date."
      For example: 12pm if your event was scheduled to begin at 12pm.
  6. Contact Details - enter any that may be relevant.
  7. Repeat Event - will normally be left as no-repeat, unless you know this change of schedule will apply to the next day.
  8. Captcha - in the Administrative Options area, enter the characters that are displayed
  9. Click Add Event
  10. Your weather closing will be published after we have reviewed and approved the listing.